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Business Accounts

Choose the Right Account

Effective cash management starts with the right account.

Business needs are just as varied as business types. Whether your business is just launching or a growing enterprise, we have the business accounts to meet your needs, and all of our accounts have the security of FDIC insurance.

The base for successful cash management is the correct account structure. Our knowledgeable team of Business Bankers will help you navigate the options when choosing bank accounts and services. They can answer your questions and help you identify the best solutions for your business.

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If your business has moderate to high transaction activity and the need for more extensive services, this account is designed for you.

  • Detailed monthly statement summarizing account activity
  • Earnings credit on account balances may reduce or eliminate fees
  • Online cash management services
Business Checking
This is the ideal account for a small business with low transaction activity.

  • Low minimum balance requirement to waive service fee
  • Digital banking helps you easily manage your account           
  • Unlimited access to our 24-hour touchtone banking service
  • Lawyers' Trust Accounts (IOLTA) are available
Business Checking Plus
An exceptional value for an established business with moderate activity looking for an affordable account.

  • Maintaining a minimum average monthly balance will eliminate service fee
  • Generous allowance for transactions included at no charge
  • Interface with QuickBooks® to make accounting easier
Business Money Market
You get convenient access to funds while earning a competitive interest rate.

  • Transfer funds to checking by ATM, phone or online
  • Keep your savings and reserve goals on track
  • High balances earn a higher rate of interest 
Business Savings
Set money aside for your next project and watch it grow.

  • Transfer funds in or out with ease
  • Begin earning interest with as little as $100
  • Quarterly statements

A suite of accounts specifically designed for businesses, property managers, attorneys, or professional fiduciaries that manage funds held in trust for clients.

  • Fiduciary Checking accounts accrue an earnings credit on balances that helps offset fees
  • Fiduciary Money Market accounts receive interest on balances instead of earnings credit
  • Lawyers' Trust Accounts (IOLTA) can be included
  • Fees are assessed against a master operating account, not client trust accounts

Whether it’s a single trust or estate, or multiple properties or clients, talk to one of our experienced Business Bankers and choose the structure that best suits your business.
For a low-risk, flexible savings option, choose a CD. Principal is protected from loss and the term of the deposit is based on your business’ need for those funds.

  • Terms from 30 days to 5+ years
  • Tiered interest rates based on balances
  • Flexible interest payment methods
Enjoy the safety of FDIC insurance on multi-million-dollar deposits without opening accounts at multiple banks. You work directly with our bankers to open accounts and you receive one monthly account statement.

There are three types of accounts available to meet your business needs:

  • Deposit Account – use for day-to-day operations with no limit on the number of deposits or checks
  • Savings Account – funds not needed for daily operations can earn interest in a money market account
  • Certificates of Deposit – multiple term options are available to manage liquidity needs on longer-term investments