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Agricultural Loans

Local Focus on Agribusiness

Mission Bank’s Ag Division helps our customers make California #1 in agriculture.

We are a California bank and we understand the cycles in agriculture and how they affect your business. 

Our Ag Division is dedicated to providing you the capital you need to grow your operation. Within our Ag Division is a team of experts who will work closely with you to create the best strategy for your operation and help you grow.

We offer several financial solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of your agricultural operations and agribusinesses.

In addition to our suite of Ag lending solutions, Mission Bank is also an Approved Lender with Farmer Mac and the USDA/FSA, which allows us to tailor flexible solutions to fit all of your credit needs.

Meet the Ag Division

A revolving line of credit will allow you to borrow and repay funds as often as needed to cover cultural/harvest expenses in anticipation of collecting crop revenues, receivables, and to manage interest costs.
Customized financing solutions can help you meet the cash flow needs of your operation by offering several rate and term options to purchase or refinance equipment.
We provide lines of credit to finance expenses associated with the following types of operations:

  • Cow-calf – commitments to finance the permanent cow herd and their offspring.
  • Stocker – commitments to finance calves and yearlings placed on pasture.
There are a variety of financing options secured by agricultural real estate, including the following:

  • Open ground/permanent planting term loans – to purchase, refinance, and/or for working capital purposes.
  • Development term loans – to finance the costs to develop permanent plantings up to the point the project reaches economic maturity.
  • Revolving decreasing term loans on open land and permanent plantings – to purchase, refinance, and/or for working capital purposes, and where the borrower desires to have the ability to utilize the facility in a revolving (borrow and pay-back) fashion.  Loans with this structure can additionally be used to minimize interest costs and/or for a crop production line of credit.
Our primary Farmer Mac products are long-term mortgages and equity lines of credit, which are available for up to $50 million and offer competitive amortizations and rates. 

Borrowing needs of $3,000,000 and under can be submitted through Farmer Mac’s AgXpress program (maximum loan-to-value 55%). One application is all that’s needed and the turn-around for a decision is usually less than two business days.