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Personal Accounts

Personal Bank Accounts

Your personal account needs can be accommodated with our array of options.

Choose from various checking, savings, or time deposit accounts – whatever your financial needs and goals are, we can help you find the right accounts, today and into the future. 

Contact one of our banking locations and together we will find the right solution.
If you write 10 checks or fewer each month, this account with its low monthly service fee may be the right one for you.
This account is ideal if you keep moderate balances in your account and prefer unlimited deposit and check writing privileges. Maintaining a minimum daily balance will offset your service fee.
There is an account exclusively for those of you who are 55 years or “better,” that includes all the features of a full service account, including unlimited check writing. There is no monthly service fee when your balance stays above the minimum daily level.
Earn interest on your balances, plus enjoy the benefits of a checking account. Ideal for accounts with moderate activity, and there is no monthly fee when the minimum daily balance requirements are met.
Saving for a rainy day or that next vacation?  A savings account will help that money grow, while keeping it separate from day-to-day cash needs.
Save for the future with the help of one of our Money Market accounts. You'll earn a competitive rate of interest without any set investment terms, and monthly fees can be avoided if minimum balance requirements are met.
For a longer term, low-risk savings option, choose a CD. Terms of 30 days to 5+ years are available and interest rates are tiered based on balances. There may be a penalty for early withdrawal.
Planning for retirement can easily be done using a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA. Terms of 1 to 3 years with automatic renewals keep your investing goals on track. There may be a penalty for early withdrawal.
Enjoy the safety of FDIC insurance on multi-million-dollar deposits without opening accounts at multiple banks. You work directly with our bankers to open accounts and you receive one monthly account statement.

There are three types of accounts available to meet your needs:
  • Deposit Account – use for day-to-day needs with no limit on the number of deposits or checks
  • Savings Account – funds set aside for future use earn interest in a money market account
  • Certificates of Deposit – multiple term options are available to manage liquidity on longer-term investments