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Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit for Businesses

Make deposits without leaving your office.

Instead of making trips to the bank to deposit checks, what if you bring the bank to your office?  That’s what happens when you use remote deposit capture (RDC) from Mission Bank.

Now you can deposit checks without leaving your desk.  RDC allows you to make deposits electronically, using either a check scanner that we provide, or your own compatible scanner. 

Do you collect payments outside your office? Instead of holding checks until you get back to the office, you can turn your compatible mobile device into a portable scanner using RDC’s mobile app (mRDC).*  You'll gain flexibility, while still retaining all the controls and features of the desktop service.

Within the RDC program there is no visibility to bank account information, users only see the names of the accounts they can deposit into.  RDC allows businesses to set up multiple users, each with their own login, and assign accounts and entitlements to each user.

Integration with Online Banking

RDC can be integrated into either Treasury Management Services or Online Banking, or it can be accessed with a completely separate login. This means each business can decide at the user level whether the user should only make deposits, or if the user needs full access to online banking along with making deposits.

Intraday Deposit Posting

Remote deposits are posted to customer accounts four times each business day.  Images are uploaded to our secure processing site and they are archived electronically, so you can eliminate employee time spent photocopying checks.  RDC can also create various reports, including one that transfers your receivables information directly into QuickBooks™.

The Bottom-Line Win

Less time spent preparing deposits, fewer trips to the bank, and deposit information at your fingertips – that means RDC saves money, fuel costs, and your valuable time.  It lets you do what you do best – stay focused on your business.

Visit our Education Center for Remote Deposit Capture user guides.

*Connectivity and usage fees may apply to some mobile banking features. Contact your wireless service provider for details.