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Business Bill Pay

About Business Bill Pay

Business Bill Pay provides the convenience of paying multiple vendors without logging into multiple websites.

You maintain control over your business’ finances without sacrificing security or convenience.

Business Bill Pay was designed to streamline the accounts payable process for businesses. Delegate tasks such as who can make payments, which payments they can make, and the maximum payment amount, then assign or retain final approvals. There is customizable reporting that can be used for audit trails, tracking spending, payment history, or user activity.

Business Bill Pay’s features include:

  • Dashboard overview of payment activity
  • Single or recurring payments using one convenient website
  • Transfers to your accounts at other financial institutions
  • Pay-a-person electronically
  • Import payees from other applications with a .CSV file
  • Categorize payments by type for expense tracking

Business Bill Pay is available with Treasury Management Services and Online Banking, and payments can be made from the mobile apps, too.*

*Connectivity and usage fees may apply to some mobile banking features. Contact your wireless service provider for details.