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Treasury Management Services

Treasury Management

Automate processes while maintaining control of access.

Larger businesses with more complex online banking needs will benefit from the products and features offered in Mission Bank’s Treasury Management Services.

Treasury Management Services contains a robust set of products to help streamline your accounting department tasks and manage cash flow. There are options to pay or collect funds electronically, fraud prevention tools, customizable reports, Business Bill Pay, eStatements, and many more features. There is also an integrated link to Remote Deposit Capture (if you subscribe to that service).

Key Products

  • ACH Origination allows you to electronically pay other businesses or individuals, or collect from them, if that is the nature of your business.
  • Remote Deposit Capture allows you to deposit checks without leaving your desk.  Make deposits electronically, using either a check scanner that we provide, or your own compatible scanner.  
  • Domestic and International Wires can be sent conveniently and securely through Treasury Management Services. If you are sending funds to a foreign country, you can send those funds in US dollars or in the currency of the receiving country.
  • Positive Pay is a powerful tool used to help prevent fraudulent transactions from posting your account. Both incoming checks and electronic entries (ACH or EFT) can be monitored, based on system parameters you choose, and you can reject any that were not authorized by your company.

Customizable Dashboard

The customizable dashboard displays at-a-glance information summarized on one convenient page.  Depending on the services your company uses, the information displayed can include:

  • Accounts and balances
  • Positive Pay exceptions (checks and ACH)
  • Payments pending approval (ACH or wires)
  • Favorite reports
  • Quick transfers to other accounts or credit facilities directly from the dashboard.

Mobile App

The associated mobile app allows users to perform most tasks directly from a smartphone or tablet, including making deposits, if using Mission Bank’s RDC service.  Users can download “Mission Bank Treasury Mgmt” from the app store.*

User Guides for Treasury Management Services are available in the Education Center.

*Connectivity and usage fees may apply to some mobile banking features. Contact your wireless service provider for details.